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The Woza Nawe Swaziland Cultural Tours Picture Gallery

The following pictures are a representation of moments from various tours taken by Woza nawe Cultural Tours. The pictures are mainly from the village of kaPhunga which is located 55km from the Swaziland town of Manzini.

Pictures taken by Eve Greenhacth.


Pictures from Woza Nawe Cultural Tours In Swaziland

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   Swazi Boys Waving      Chicken      Traditional Swazi Dancers

   Sitting around the fire at night      Myxos with guests      At the village fundraiser

   During fund raiser      Around the fire at night      Traditonal Hut

   View of the village      Swazi Lady with young boys      Surrounding Landscape

   Moon watching from the village      Myxos and friends      Village School - Kids

   View from the Village      View of the Village      The Village Fields

   Local community members      Traditional dancers      At the fundraiser

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