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Comments by Visitors for the One Day Cultural Tour

Comments:Myxos is the greatest tour guide in Swaziland.

From:Darren - United Kingdom (02-Oct-2009)

Comments:As a Swazi this tour was very eye opening as well, seeing that we group in the semi urban areas. Myxos was very informative on the Swazi culture it was better than reading the history book.

From:Benny - Swaziland (05-Oct-2009)

Comments:We arrived in this village called KaPhunga and as we got off the car i realised that something was different. I ve been to a village before but the air that am inhailing now is different. The air here is cripy, clean and fresh. As it makes its way up my nostrils i look around and see green. Lots of trees and mountains, i see. I knew nature was beatiful but not like this. Everywhere is beautiful. The huts are grey and roundly shaped and inside caramel coloured mats are lying on the floor. we sit here on this mats and as Mixyos talks about Swati culture, we listen. Listen as we are told about the people who live their lives so simply, so different and so beautifully. We are introduced to women whose kids run outside to meet and hold us. They watch us leave and as i turn to leave i realise i miss them already. We see the way their houses are made of tree trunks and leaves, we see the way they have no infrastucture, we see the way they walk for hours in search of food for themselves and their animals, we see the way they are happy. we see the way they are friendly enough to welcome foreigners to their homes without knowing them. we look at Swaziland from high up on the rock and beneath this rock lies a blanket made of trees, rocks and and land so still that when you breath you feel like your making noise. You stand here for a while and you dont talk or think or move. You just stand here and listen to the noise of the wind blowing past your ears.....and say to yourself that you will be back.

From:Shamsa Suleiman - Tanzania (05-May-2010)

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Woza Nawe Cultural Tours

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Visitors that are travelling in their own car can meet an appointed guide in the town of Manzini. He will accompany them to kaPhunga village. The roads to get to the village are very good and you do not need a 4X4 vehicle. A sedan car will easily negotiate the route.

If you have the time, love to meet people and would like to experience a genuine bus adventure then you can catch the bus (Mahle Emakholo) from Manzini, in the kaPhunga village direction. (Call 'Sbali' on +268 6226291 for assistance.) The bus leaves Manzini at 5:00 pm and arrives at kaPhunga village at around 7:00pm.
*If you are choosing this option please ensure that you have let us know in advance so that we can meet you at the bus station.

For visitors without transport, Myxos offers a pick up and drop off from Manzini. (Transport for approx. 6 guests.)




Woza Nawe Cultural Tours | Responsible Cultural Tours in Swaziland - Southern Africa

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