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Cultural Tours In Swaziland

Our main focus is introducing visitors to the real people of Swaziland. We don't introduce you to actors who perform for you. Instead we take you behind the scenes. Visit a genuine Swazi Village, See the true culture of Swaziland, Eat and converse with real Swazi's.

Cultural Tours Offered By Myxo's Woza Nawe ...

Swaziland Tours woza nawe cultural tours - woza Nawe Responsible Cultural Tours offers both one day
and overnight cultural tours for interested visitors. Whatever
your needs we will cater for them to ensure your trip to Swazi-
land is a memorable one. For those guests partaking in the
overnight tour, accommodation is provided in traditional Swazi
beehive huts.

In Addition ...

woza nawe cultural tours - in addition to the one day and the overnight village tours, Woza Nawe also offers 'The Museum Tour' which enables guests explore the Manzini to Mbabane corridor (*please note that this tour does not include the rural village), and 'The Swazi Connection Tours' which include either 'Direct travelling to Mozambique from Swaziland' or 'Direct travelling to Nelspruit from Swaziland'

Click on the required link below to view the other tour options:

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Woza Nawe Cultural Tours | One Day Tour

Swaziland Tours Woza Nawe Tours- woza Nawe One Day Cultural Tour:

  • - We pick you up at 8:00am from wherever you may be
      staying in the busy town of Manzini (80,000 people).
  • - Visit the Manzini people's market. Here you will have
      a taste of a Swazi breakfast or incwancwa (which is
      pronounced with clicks).
  • - Craft and fresh vegetable shopping at the market.
      Walk around and explore the market. Maybe even get
      a skirt or pants made with fabric of your choice.
  • Swaziland Tours - Check the traditional medicine stall for local cures for all ailments.
  • - Leave town and head for rural village of Kaphunga. Learn about Swazi family   life and culture. Get a taste of some of the Swazi customs and traditional beliefs.   Get to understand the Swazi culture by sitting down with your host Myxos. He will   explain all of the traditions and then have some mind blowing discussions about   the culture, (one has to be open minded – There is both good and bad).
  • - Visit the Local families and get to try the siSwati language. See the day to day   lifestyle of these friendly and welcoming Swazis.
  • - Take an easy walk towards the God's window of Kaphunga.
  • - Chill out with a bit of lizard spotting on the rocks on your guided walk. Get the   local information from your guide.
  • - Transport back to the Manzini. (to the place where you are staying).

One Day Tour:  R1210.00 / person  (2013)

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Woza Nawe Cultural Tours | Overnight Tour

Woza Nawe Tours- woza Nawe Overnight Cultural Tour:

As per the one day tour but also including:

  • - Sleep in traditional Swazi Beehive Huts on grass mats
      (mattresses are available for softies!)
  • - Meet and befriend the villagers.
  • Swaziland Tours - Try your hand at cattle dipping. * Only on Mondays so
      you need to arrive to the village on a Sunday.
  • - Visit the local school and get to understand the school education system. Teach   for half an hour in the school and make friends with the kids. This school was   started by Myxos for the community and it currently runs purely on donations from   people who have visited the village on the cultural tour.
  • - Hike through the most scenic country side in Swaziland
  • - Sit around the fire in the evening and chat or tell stories, including ghost   stories and taboos. Top it of with a Swazi dinner cooked on the open camp fire.
  • - Enjoy the peaceful rural setting away from it all. Join our night walks around the   surrounding areas looking for wild life such as duikers and bush babies.
  • - Mountain biking
  • - Swazi traditional food is cooked and clean, boiled water is available.

Overnight Tour:  R1386.00 / person  (2013)

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Images from Woza Nawe Cultural Tours - Traditional Swazi Builders

Local builders construct a traditional Swazi house.

The Swazi Cultural Tours


The Tours At A Glance ...

Your Host:   Mxolisi Mdluli

Time Of Year:

Anytime - but booking is essential.

Length of Stay:

One day or Two days and one night. Longer stays can be arranged for groups that want to take part in the community by volunteering in our school (preschool) within the compound.

Fee charged (2013):

Day Tours - R1210 per person.
Overnight Tour - R1386.00 per person.

What To Bring ...

  • - Bring Sweaters or just warm clothes   in winter (April, May, June, July)
  • - If travelling with Children - bring other   food that they will be able to eat if   they can't eat Swazi foods
  • - You can bring a bottle of wine for   the evening if you want relax.
  • - Any supplies for the pre-school   especially pencils and pens but   mainly other things can not be   sourced from here.
  • - For the ladies- make sure you have   skirts or sarongs to wear when you   visit the village or the schools.
  • - Hiking shoes
  • - Sleeping bag, but if you don't have   one please let us know in advance.   We also have covers for guests who   don't have.


Tour Activities ...

Summer (August - March)

  • - Ploughing the fields with   families
  • - Planting with families
  • - Cattle dipping
  • - Milking of the nguni cows


Winter (May - August)

  • - Harvesting of maize
  • - Learning and getting   opportunity to thatch roofs
  • - Cattle dipping
  • - Maize shelling

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Images from Woza Nawe Cultural Tours - Group of dancers

   Group of Swazi Maidens



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